David Ayre Cars

About Us

David Ayre Cars has a reputation for restoring prewar Bentley, Lagonda and Invicta models to world class standards. Whether you want to enter internationally recognised concours  events, competitively rally your car anywhere in the world, or simply want to own a prewar Bentley, Lagonda or Invicta  and be confident it will not let you down at that critical moment, then David Ayre Cars is the right choice.

This is backed up with years of experience and knowledge, and a focus on building long term relationships with customers. On a practical level it also means having access to a large store of original parts curated over many years and the ability to source new parts manufactured to original plans and the highest specifications.

This is how David Ayre Cars has built up a loyal following of  customers over many years, and why a car restored and serviced by David Ayre Cars is will be both reliable to use and exciting to drive.

What We Do